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Art work  Andy Gammon

Event: Medieval Kitchen Garden - launch day

Saturday 24th June 2017 10am-4pm

This is our official launch day and a celebration and thank you to all those who have helped to make the project happen. It will be a community event.

Programme for kitchen garden launch day:

10.00-12.30  Wattle making workshop (willow cloche).  Dominic Parrette (pre-booked)

10.30-12.30  Using herbs in the home. Julia Behrens

10.30-12.30  Medieval food and cooking Kate Hickmott and Helen Chiasson

10.30-12.30  Medieval Colour and Scent. Martin and Karin Pett

10.30-12.30  Growing and Planting workshop: Seeds and cuttings. Sally Stratton and Vivienne Macey

12.30-1.30  Break for lunch and for speeches and thanks: Tracy Anderson & Paul Benjamin

1.30-4.00 Making a Wattle Fence Panel workshop Dominic Parrette (pre-booked)

1.30-3.30  Medieval food and cooking  Kate Hickmott and Helen Chiasson

1.30-3.30  Medieval Colour and Scent. Martin and Karin Pett

1.30-3.30  Growing and planting workshop: Seeds and cuttings.  Vivienne Macey and Sally Stratton (until 2.30 pm)