Information panels

Information panel No 8

We can now form a very clear picture of what the Priory buildings looked like thanks to the wonderful interpretive panels on the site. These were designed and illustrated by Andy Gammon who was appointed Graphic Designer for the Priory Park Heritage Lottery Project. Andy is a Lewes resident with impressive professional qualifications. He also designed and laid out the artwork as well as providing the inspiring illustrations for the Guide Book and his work is included in the Education Resource Pack. More information can be obtained from him at and his work can be seen on the Institute of Archaeologists website.

The text for the panels was written by the authors of the guide book and, together with the illustrations, provides an evocative picture of what life must have been like in the medieval priory. The panels were manufactured by specialist contractor Rivermeade Signs Ltd and installed by Kier Construction.

Andy Gammon's curriculum vitae

Audio Guide

Click on the play button, or individual track, below to hear local historian Dr Anthony Freeman talk about the history of the buildings and the surrounding park with its reconstructed medieval herb garden. You can pause and play the audio guide as desired or download it to your computer or mobile device. The board numbers correspond to those shown on the panel location map below. This audio guide was recorded for Lewes Priory Trust by Lewes in Focus.  Art work © Andy Gammon.

View the individual tracks in the podcast to see the images and text on the information panels, here in SoundCloud


Images © Andy Gammon