Garlic - Allium sativum

Growing instructions

Garlic grows from individual garlic cloves. These can be bought from a specialist plant supplier but the garlic bought from a food store will work too. Choose cloves that are firm and not beginning to sprout. Plant either in the autumn or early spring. Autumn planted garlic will be ready to harvest in July, spring planted in August.  Plant in well-drained soil, 5 cm deep with a gap of 20 cm between cloves, with the pointed end of the clove uppermost. Autumn planted garlic will produce flowers in late spring that can be picked and used in salads. Garlic needs to be grown in a sunny position and can be grown in containers as long as they are kept well drained and watered. Harvest when the leaves start to look dry and leathery. Garlic can be eaten fresh or dried if the bulbs are to be kept. Ideally dry the bulbs for a couple of hours in the sun. They are ready for keeping when the skin is dry and papery. Do not plant garlic near to peas or beans, but roses benefit from proximity to garlic.