European Federation of Cluniac Sites

The European Federation of Cluniac Sites (FESC) was founded in 1994, on the 1000th anniversary of the death of Mayeul, the fourth abbot of Cluny. In 2006 the network had more than 90 members. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014 and now has 189 members in eight countries. In 2004, the Federation presented a proposal for a cultural route based on the discovery of the major figures of the Cluniac epic, and on the re-reading of its history. The Federation was recognised as a ‘Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe’ in May 2005, and the official ceremony took place in Cluny on 16th June 2006.

The FESC works around three main objectives: to unite the sites and create links between them; to develop their Cluniac heritage; and to promote initiatives for educational and cultural activities and to encourage tourism. Clunypedia is a database of information about all things Cluniac.

Lewes Priory Trust is affiliated to the Federation and is helping to organise the UK Cluniac Group consisting of the 13 major sites in the UK . You can find more information on the Fédération des Sites Clunisiens homepage, the Federation Facebook page and the European Institute of Cultural Routes website. You can see details of the catalogue of member sites at other-publications.

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