Guide to the Sources for the History of Lewes Priory

© Lewes Priory Research Group 1997

ISBN 0 9530909 0 6
Cover: Lithograph by J.Rouse, Lewes Priory and Pigeon House, c1825. SAS[L] PA 203





The Sources

  • Printed  
  • Documentary
  • Paintings and drawings


Grateful thanks are extended to David Combes for setting the text, John Farrant for supplying information for the section on paintings and drawings, and staff of the Sussex Archaeological Society for designing the cover and patiently responding to numerous queries about the library collections.


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JBAA - Journal of the British Archaeological Association.
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The aim of this guide is to identify and assemble into a coherent form the various and scattered sources for the Cluniac Priory of St Pancras at Southover. The sources are organized into three sections dealing respectively with printed material, documentary sources, and paintings and drawings. Published editions of manuscripts have been included with documentary sources.

Although material relating to the Cluniac order in particular or medieval monasticism in general is not included it is recognised that users of this guide may want to place Lewes Priory within the contexts of Cluny and the wider monastic world. The following titles are recommended for that purpose. The place of publication is London unless stated otherwise.


Evans, J. 1931. Monastic Life at Cluny, 910-1157, Oxford.
Evans, J. 1950. Cluniac Art of the Romanesque Period, Cambridge.
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Medieval Monasticism

Brooke, C. 1974. The monastic world 1000-1300.
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The standing remains and the collection of stonework from the priory at the Sussex Archaeological Society’s Museum of Local History, Anne of Cleves House, are an important source of information for the history of the fabric. The standing remains in Priory Park are permanently open and entrance is free. For details of access to the museum contact The Director, Lewes Castle and Museums. Barbican House. 169 High Street. Lewes. East Sussex, BN7 IYE. Tel. (01273) 486290.
Much of the material listed in this guide is to be found in the members’ reference library of the Sussex Archaeological Society at Barbican House. Non-members may use this library by appointment with the Honorary Librarian at the address given above.
lt is in the nature of first editions of a guide such as this that material which should have been included has been overlooked. lf you consider that particular sources should be included in a future edition the Lewes Priory Research Group would like to hear from you. Suggestions on this or any other matter relating to the guide may be addressed to the Group c/o Lewes District Council, 32 High Street. Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2LX.

Printed Sources

Passing references to Lewes Priory are made in articles and books that deal with more general topics, Such references have not been listed here. The index volumes of Sussex Archaeological Collections and Sussex Notes and Queries, and the Sussex Record Society publications in particular will provide many such references for the researcher. Bibliographies contained

within some of the sources listed deal with more specialised aspects of research.

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Documentary Sources

A comprehensive list of documentary sources will not be possible until more detailed research has been done into the history of the Priory. Below, however, is listed a selection of sources which have been published in transcript, translation or calendar form, followed by three especially important series of unpublished documents.

ln addition the following contain a wealth of material which should not be overlooked, the published calendars of charter, close, fine and patent rolls, of papal letters and letters and papers of Henry VIII (for the period of the dissolution). The Rolls Series and the publications of the Canterbury and York Society contain transcripts of archbishops’ registers which include many Lewes Priory references. The surviving registers of the Bishops of Chichester from 1397 are held by WSRO (Ep l/l), microfilm copies are available in ESRO (XA 23/10-12).


----------- 1890-1915 Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds in the Public Record Office I-6 [especially 3].
----------- 1978. Exchequer Treasury of Receipt Ancient Deeds, List and Index Society 151 & 152.
Blaauw, W.H. 1849 see above. (Annals l077-l3t)4)
Blair, J. |980 see above. (Texts of l2th century Surrey charters)
Budgen, W. & Salzman, L.F. [eds] I943. The Wiltshire, Devonshire and Dorsetshire portion of the Lewes Chartulary with London and Essex Documents from the Surrey Portion. SRS supplement. (also includes Cambridge, Norfolk and Surrey portions, see below)
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Williams, A. & Erskine R.W.H. [eds] 1987-1990. The Sussex Domesday. Alecto Historical Edition, (or Morris, J. [ed] 1976. Domesday Book Sussex, Chichester.)

Unpublished documentary sources (in the Public Record Office unless otherwise stated)

Ancient deeds 11th-16th centuries (E 40-42)
A number but by no means all of these were copied in 1444 into the cartulary and are therefore available in published form (see above).

Account Rolls of Obedientiaries (SC 6)
(Mostly available on microfilm XA 66 in ESRO)

  • Collector of pensions 1534-5 (HEN VIII/3516)
  • Granator 1532-6 (HEN VIII/3518-20)
  • Hosteler 1532-5 (HEN VIII /3522-4)
  • Larderer 1533-4 (HEN VIII /3521-3525)
  • Master of Works 1533-6 (HEN VIII/3526-8)
  • Pittancer 1534-5 (HEN Vlll/3529 part)
  • Procurator 1479-80, 1536-7 (1023/30; HEN VIII/3520)
  • Refectorer 1533-4, 1536-7 (HEN VIII/3531-2)

Account Rolls of bailiffs, beadles, etc. (SC 6)
(Mostly available on microfilm XA 66 in ESRO)

  • Balneath 1529-30, 1535-6 (HEN VIII/3502-3)
  • Ditchling and Patcham Rectories 1534-5 (HEN VIII/3529 part)
  • Falmer 1530-1, 1533-4 (ESBO SAS/E 234; HEN VIII/3504 fragment)
  • Homewood 1533-6 (HEN VIII/3505-7)
  • Langney 1533-6 (HEN VIII/3508, 3513-14 (three fragments of one account roll), 3509)
  • Priory Grange (Southover) 1533-6 (HEN VIII/3510-12)

Painting and drawing sources

A significant though hitherto little used source for the later history of the fabric of the priory is to be found in eighteenth and earlier nineteenth century drawings and paintings. Pictures dated after 1860 have not been included as from that time the photograph became the image of record.

Prints have also been omitted although it is hoped to include them in future editions of this guide. Many appear in volumes cited in the printed sources and SAS[L] and ESRO both hold collections of individual prints of the priory.

ln the entries below, nd means not dated and PA, MA and LA refer respectively to picture, museum and library accession numbers.


  • Lewes Priory, pencil. 1848. SAS[L] PA 2849.
  • Lewes Priory, watercolour, nd, SAS[L] PA 3l80.
  • Gatehouse, watercolour, 1786. BL, K Top 42. 67.
  • Lords' Place, pencil, 1848. SAS[L] PA 2848.
  • Tomb of Gundrada, Indian ink, nd, Bodleian Library Gough maps 411, 44, 44b.

Buckler, J. 1770-1851

  • Lewes Priory, ? pencil, nd. BL Add MS 36389, ff 213-4. [SNQ 13-257-8]
  • Gatehouse, ? pencil, nd. BL Add MS 36389, ff 2l5-6 [SNQ 13 257-8]

Buckler, ?J.C. 1793-1894

  • Lewes Priory, pencil, nd. Bodleian MS Top. gen. a. 11. f 169, no 68.
  • Gatehouse, north view, pencil, nd. Bodleian MS Top. gen. a. 11. f 169, no 68.
  • Southwark, Prior’s House, Porch, sepia wash. c1830. Society of Antiquaries, Surrey Red Portfolio. S-Z, p_8.
  • Southwark, Prior’s House, Undercroft, sepia wash, c1830. Society of Antiquaries, Surrey Red Portfolio. S-Z, p_8.

[Both views of the Prior’s House in Southwark reproduced in C Brooke and G. Kerr, 1975. London 800-1216: ‘The Shaping of a City’]

Bunbury, H.W. 1750-1811

  • Lewes Priory, south view, oil, 1776. Owner not known. [Reproduced in M.H.Grant, A Chronological Historv of the Old English Landscape Painters in Oil, 4 p1.161. no. 325]

Cott, F.T. nd.

  • Lewes Priory, watercolour. nd. Bodleian Ms Top. gen. b. 78 f. 42.

Fairholt, F.W. 1814-1866

  • Effigy of John de Braose. Found at Lewes Priory Feb. 14th 1846, watercolour. SAS[L] PA 41 28.

Figg, S.

  • Lewes Priory and Pigeon House, watercolour, post-1825. SAS[L] PA 84.
  • Gatehouse, watercolour, post-1825. SAS[L] PA 53

[SAS picture catalogue (unpublished) suggests that both views by Figg are copies of lithographs in Rouse, J. 1825. The Beauties and Antiquities of the County of Sussex]

Gaunt, C. ?-c1868

  • Standing masonry and architectural details, (Lewes Priory), 10 sketches, pen and ink, c1847. SAS[I.] Ecclesiastical Plans 38.

Grose, F. 1731-1791

  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour, c1762. SAS[L] PA 3590
  • Lewes Priory, watercolour, nd. RPAG, Acc. 100671
  • Lords’ Place, indian ink. 1762. BL K Top XLII, 221.

Hare, A.

  • Lewes Priory, pencil. 1845. WSRO Add. MS. 45639 f.1.
  • Lewes Priory, pencil, 1845. WSRO Add, MS. 45639 f.2.
  • Lewes Priory, pencil. 1845. WSRO Add. MS. 45639 f.5

Lambert, J. junior 174l-1799

  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour, 1782. BL Add. MS, 5677, f.19.
  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour, 1782. Private collection, record with SAS.
  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour. 1776. SAS[L] PA 4169.
  • Lewes Priory, west view, watercolour. 1776. SAS[L] PA 2432.
  • Lewes Priory, west view, watercolour,1775. SAS[L] PA 3591.
  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour, 1775. SAS[L] PA 2431.
  • Lewes Priory, west view, grey wash, 1775. BL Add. MS. 5677, f.2l.
  • Lewes Priory, watercolour. ?1775-1794. SAS[L] PA 116.
  • Lewes Priory, west view, watercolour. ?1776-1784. Private collection, record with SAS.
  • Gatehouse, watercolour, 1784. RPAG, Acc. 101416.
  • Gatehouse, watercolour ?1772-1788 Private Collection, record with SAS
  • Gatehouse, west view, watercolour. ?1772-1779. SAS[L] PA 4432.
  • St. James Hospital, watercolour, 1782. SAS[L] PA 3509.
  • St. James Hospital, ? indian ink. 1762. Yale Center for British Art, B. 1975. 4, 1817.
  • St. James Hospital, watercolour. ?1762-1779. Christie’s sale 28th May 1980 (13).
  • St Nicholas Hospital, watercolour. 1779. SAS[L] PA 3167.
  • St Nicholas Hospital, watercolour, nd. RPAG, Acc. 101417.

Lambert, J. senior 1725-1788

  • St James Hospital, watercolour, 1762. Private collection. Record with SAS.
  • St Nicholas Hospital, north west view, watercolour. 1772. Private collection. Record with SAS.
  • St Nicholas Hospital, south west view, watercolour. 1772. Private collection. Record with SAS.

Lambert, J. ?junior/senior.

  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour, 1775. SAS[L] PA 3589
  • Lewes Priory, east view, grey wash, nd. BL Add MS 5677, f.20
  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour, 1782. SAS[L] PA 3793
  • St James Hospital, watercolour, 1778. SAS[L] PA 3170
  • St James Hospital, sepia wash, nd. Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, 530 (D.7.)
  • St Nicholas Hospital, watercolour, 1762_ SAS[L] PA 3794
  • Gatehouse, grey wash, nd. BL Add MS 5677, f.18. [Reproduced in VCH Sussex 7 facing p.45., Sussex Views, selected from the Burrell Collection, SRS Jubilee volume, 1951 no, 99]
  • St Nicholas Hospital, etching, nd. Bodleian Library Gough Maps 31, 13a.

Attributed to Lambert, J. senior/junior.

  • Lewes Priory, east view, watercolour, 1775, SAS[L] PA 3590
  • Lewes Priory, watercolour, nd. SAS[L] PA 3792
  • Lords' Place, waterco!our, nd. SAS[L] PA 4168

Mantell, G.A. 1790-1852

  • Lewes Priory, watercolour, 1809. SAS[L] PA 2742
  • Lewes Priory, Pigeon House, watercolour, 1806. Society of Antiquaries, Sussex Red Portfolio II, 17.
  • The Dungeon, 1817. Vignette on the title page of a MS notebook compiled by GAM and entitled Figures and Descriptions of Monastic Pavements, from the Ruins of Lewes Priory. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. Ref. qMS-1296. 
  • Microfilm copy ESRO XA 64/2; a copy by W.H.Godfrey of the MS notebook, including a photograph of the vignette, SAS[L] LA 4787.
  • Gatehouse, 1804 Sketch in a MS notebook compiled by GAM entitled Antiquities of Lewes and its Vicinity 1800-1846, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand Ref qMS-1292, tab.3. 
  • Microfilm copy ESRO XA 64/2
  • St Nicholas Hospital, 1804. Provenance as for preceding entry. Ref. qMS-l292 tab.4. Microfilm copy ESRO XA 64/2 [Probably wrongly identified, thought to be St James Hospital]

Petrie, H. 1768-1842

  • Southover Church and Lewes Priory Gatehouse, pencil.  l800. SAS[M] Sharpe Collection, 209a_

Pocock, W.F. 1779-1849

  • Gatehouse, pen & wash, 1815. Royal Institute of British Architects. [Lever, J 1976 Catalogue of the Drawing Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects, O-R 79|

Powell, D. c1772-1848 

  • Gatehouse, watercolour, nd. SAS[L] LA 9089, f.4.
  • Gatehouse (detail of moulding and decoration), pencil & wash, nd SAS[L] LA 9089, f.10

Verrall, F.

  • Gatehouse, pencil, c1840.  SAS[L] PA 4000.