Battle of Lewes Commemoration

Battle of Lewes Commemoration

Illustration of the surrender of the King at the Priory after the Battle of Lewes

The surrender of the King Henry III to Simon de Montfort after the Battle of Lewes 1264. Illustration Andy Gammon 2010

Lewes Priory Trust will be participating in a number of local events to commemorate the Battle of Lewes which was fought on 14 May 1264.

The Battle of Lewes was one of the two main battles of the Second Barons' War. Fought between the forces of King Henry III and the barons led by Simon de Montfort, it resulted in the defeat of the king and the signing of the Mise of Lewes.

Commemoration events start in 2013, culminating in 2014 to mark the anniversary itself.

Watch this space for further details about events involving the Trust.

Sussex Past website commemorating 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes.