How to give money to the Trust

Andy Gammon

There are a number of ways you can support Lewes Priory Trust

Making a Donation

Download donation form

Wondering why you should donate money to Lewes Priory Trust? Your gifts help support the exciting conservation, education and research activities that lie at the heart of the Trust's work.

There are two ways that you may make a personal donation to the Trust. You may donate offline by downloading a form, filling it in and sending back to us. Alternatively you may donate online by bank transfer or PayPal.

Leaving a legacy

By remembering Lewes Priory in your will you can help to secure its long-term future. The contribution that you make will help ensure that generations to come will continue to enjoy its unique history

How to leave a legacy to Lewes Priory Trust

Should you wish to make a gift in your Will, there are two ways you could do so:

  • You could specifiy an exact amount of money which is known as a pecuniary gift. This is the one to choose if you wish to leave a definite cash sum to the Trust.
  • You may choose to make a residuary gift. The residue of your estate is what is left after all the other bequests have been made and the administration costs settled. It is possible to leave the total residue or a share to the residue to Lewes Priory Trust.

Lewes Priory Trust is a charity and therefore any gift to us will be exempt from Inheritance Tax. We recommend that you consult a solicitor before making a Will.

If you are considering leaving a gift to Lewes Priory Trust in your Will then we would be pleased to discuss that with you. Please contact the Treasurer: [email protected]