The Herb Garden

Illustration � Andy Gammon

Herb Study Day information

Herbs in the medieval garden had a variety of uses. They were harvested extensively for cooking and for medicines, they were strewn on floors to mask smells, used as dyes, and in religious ceremonies.

This study day explored the history behind the use of medicinal, household and culinary herbs and show how these herbs continue to have relevance today both in the practice of medicine and in the recreated monastic and medieval gardens at Westminster Abbey and Anne of Cleves House.

Saturday 18 October 2014, St John The Baptist Church, Southover, Lewes.


  • Jan Pancheri Author of “Brother William’s Year”, Head Gardener, Westminster Abbey
  • Martin Pett ESAMP, Anne of Cleves House Museum,
  • Hilary Morris Medical Historian, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
  • Julia Behrens Medical Herbalist, Brighton
  • Chair: Kate Hickmott