Sources of information

Recommended reading

The Monks of St Pancras by Graham Mayhew (2014)

The Priory of St Pancras Lewes, Priory Park by Arthur Franklin (2011)
available from Lewes Tourist Information Office, Barbican Museum and Anne of Cleves House

Lewes Priory, the Site and Its History by Dr Helen Poole (2000)
available from Lewes Tourist Information Office and Anne of Cleves House

St Pancras Priory, Lewes: Its Architectural Development to 1200  by Freda Anderson (1988)
Anglo-Norman Studies 11: 1–35

Houses of Cluniac monks: Priory of Lewes A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 2. pp. 64–71 (1973) Victoria County History

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Useful external links

Lewes Town Council
Is the freeholder of Priory Park and provides funds for its maintenance

Sussex Past
Sussex Archaeological Society owns Lewes Castle and Anne of Cleves House in the town

Lewes District Council
The local authority which runs the Tourist Information Office

Federation of Cluniac Sites

The European organisation to which we are affiliated

The Friends of Lewes
The Lewes Civic Society

Lewes History Group
Research projects and monthly talks on Lewes history

Lewes Archaeological Group
Lectures programmeand newsletter

Lewes Priory Wikipedia Page
Written by a local architect

Norman Walk in Lewes
As part of its series on the Normans, BBC Sussex has produced a walk through the town with a printable guide and a children's treasure trail

Southover Bonfire Society
SBS holds its annual May Fayre on the Priory Park site