Past Success

What the Trust has raised so far

Bringing to Life a Medieval Monastery
In 2009 the Trust secured Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England (formerly English Heritage) grants to consolidate the remains and provide explanatory signs, paths and seating. With matching funding this raised £809,000. The Priory Park Project  construction was completed in November 2010. In May 2011 a new Guide Book was published and in November the Education Resource Pack was launched. 

Putting Lewes Priory on the Map
In 2012 a further scheme was prepared consisting of 18 smaller projects promoting wider public knowledge of the Priory and developing the Trust’s education programme. The application to Heritage Lottery Fund was again successful raising £100,550. All sections of the project were completed in the two year grant period including wide ranging lesson plans, a lecture programme, foreign language leaflets and models of the Priory for education purposes and on site. There was also a small archaeological investigation and productions of medieval music. 

Apple Orchard
In 2013 the Trust proposed to plant a small orchard of ancient apple varieties as a complement to the Herb Garden. A location in the southeast corner of Priory Park was selected and varieties of apple were chosen on the advice of Brighton Permaculture Trust which also oversaw the planting helped by Lewes school children. A local benefactor gave £750 towards the £2,000 total cost.

Feasting, Fighting & Freedom
In 2013 a further application to Heritage Lottery resulted in a grant of £10,000 for a project to provide education resources, school workshops and website content commemorating the Battle of Lewes on its 750th anniversary in 2014. This was enthusiastically received by local schools.

Battle Monument Restoration
Also in 2014 the Trust undertook the restoration of the  Battle of Lewes Memorial on the 50th anniversary of its gift to the town by Sir Tufton Beamish. The work was undertaken by the foundry that made the sculpture and the unveiling was carried out by the Mayor of Lewes and attended by the widow of the sculptor, Enzo Plazzotta. The £8,953 funding raised by the Trust included a generous donation from the Town Council.

European Federation Conference
Also in 2014 Sussex Community Foundation granted £400 for travel expenses to La Charité-sur-Loire for a conference on international co-operation for educational projects.

Banner Project
Also in 2014 Lewes Town Council granted £750 towards the production of an embroidered banner with the symbols of all the UK Cluniac sites.

Medieval Kitchen Garden 
Building on the popularity of the Priory Herb Garden established some 30 years ago, it was proposed in September 2015 to create a Kitchen Garden which would grow vegetables such as the monks would have eaten. This would be a community educational project run by volunteers. Fundraising was very successful. The Mayor of Lewes 2016/17 made it one of his charities raising £3,623, the Town Council granted £1,700, Tesco Bags of Help scheme donated £12,000 and Sussex Community Foundation £1,000. A total of £19,589 was achieved. Work started in October 2016 constructing the raised beds. The first planting day was in April 2017 followed by workshops with schools and a launch in June. The project has proved to be a successful community resource and has now secured funding of £5,000 from Chalk Cliff Trust for a second phase of development.

Funds generated in the last 10 years: over £950,000